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we ask ed what did nelson mandea teach you. thank you for watching. here comes gretchen. >> hi everyone. this is "the real story". a smoking gun proving the administration new way back in july that the obama care website for small businesses would not be ready for december first. kept it all a secret. the bombshell revelation includes this e-mail. i've escalated your concerns regarding the shop employee application not being completed
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until 10/13/15. if this is late we have to announce we are late with a deliverrable which means the secretary will have to announce. here is the reaction from the house energy and commerce chair. we see more and more evidence that the administration and the signature health care law. the announcement only came last week. what do you make of the bombshell revelations? >> these e-mails show pattern that has been happening throughout the obama care
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scandal at this point. this goes back to may that there were problems and delays tests thinking missed and major contracts that hadn't been let out and more that there wasn't anyone really in charge. so this administration the white house was so determined to come out with this obama care on october 1st regardless of these problems. >> as each new revelation comes out. let me ask you this, does it make it a bigger problem for is he safe so to speak. does he came out and said i'm going to make she's fixes and i didn't know any of this.
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problems are so big and so multiple they are still having to fix it. the fixes go a long way. secondly, you know this is a case where the president and democrats put their faith in 1/7th of our nation's economy. what is coming clear of the e-mails things where the system is breaking down eternally controls there wasn't somebody in charge. >> the question is who was in charge and what did the president know. cms issued this statement to fox news. it reads in part:what does that
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say to you? obviously they are trying to keep it to the top of cms and ultimately the administration. >> when you release e-mails it is part of the administration. the facts are they are delaying the small business exchain program. the facts are there are so many problems still in the system that people are having trouble signing up. the facts are people are losing their insurance because of obama care and the facts are that people who have a sick child and want to hold on to specialized medicine or doctors won't be able to. those are the big facts that affect people's lives.
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folks are getting a taste of their own obama care members. they are having trouble signing up. they are asking for a delay to extend their open rollment. do they deserve better treatment than the rest of us? >> there was the issue they tried to get a carve out over that. the dc link was supposed to be one of the better programs over that. it shows you the systemic level of problems even though the president keeps saying that things are supposed to be fixed. >> have a great weekend thank you so much. >> we want to hear from you. send us your thoughts on the e-mail trail or the request to
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delay house staff sign up times. do you agree with that? we will read your comments at the end of the show. fox news alert now because breaking details on a missing teen from new hampshire. abigail hernandez sent a letter to her mother two weeks after the 15-year-old vanished and they say the letter is authentic. wow, what do we know? >> the reason they think that letter is a then tick is the tone was one that abigail would have used. it was two weeks after she went missing. police are just now releasing the information bus they wanted to make sure the letter was legit. they say it is their biggest
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lead yet. it is unclear almost a month after she disappeared if she lev left willingly. >> we are concerned for her safety. she is not out there alone. she has someone helping her whether that be a friend or what we fear is a faux. getting a letter in a case like this is almost a problem. >> hopefully will is hope here. police are releasing new pictures today. >> we can show them to you too. one is a necklace that they believe she might be waeearing. they say she has no money at all. the police are asking for
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abigail to send another letter to her family like the first juan aone and for the public to keep their eyes open. >> look at your neighbor, look at the girl's next store or your church. is there somebody that you haven't even here before. i think elizabeth smart indicated that she was seen in a library and police came up to her. we need the public's help. >> it is important to note that abigail hernandez did have a cell phone with her when she went missing. >> thank you so much for that update trace. >> you are looking live right
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now at the massive crowd gathered outside of his home in johan es berg. all to honor a man who changed the course of history. he passed away peacefully yesterday with his family at his side. he represented a dignity and determination to be spirited in the face of immense injustice and suffering. >> joining me now, great to see
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you doctor. >> wonderful to be here gretchen. thank you so much. when you mourn the passing of mandela, you talk about the life in which he lived. you mentioned something about abunta and the way in which he governed and brought back pride. it was african philosophy. it is sometimes known by another name. that i'm defined by my relationship with other people. in typical ways i think therefore i am. it is i belong therefore i am. he was extraordinary in that he would make every decision based on that idea. he unified people and gave an ability back to those who had been so oppressed. is there a we will see
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that kind of a leader in that culture again? >> i'm from africa and it is s e seldom that we hear good stories from africa. i'm deeply concerned for my country and we can stop and reflect deeply. and hopefully this new generation that is growing up will look at this and say this is indeed the way to do it. celebrating the live in which he lived and what he gave back. thank you so much for your thoughts today thank you. >> thank you. it is a joy. >> well the white house, changing the story about the president's uncle and whether or not he actually knew him and
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then it was this. >> folks looked at the record including the president's book. there was no evidence that he had met. he in fact had met him and he stayed with him for a brief period of time until the president's apartment was ready. >> our panel picks it apart. plus eye opening new research between concussions and altitude. a wicked ice storm crippling the nation's midsection. we'll have the latest on its path. right back. >> yesterday we were at nearly 80 degrees. it is surprising. of back pain... and a choice. take up to 4 advil in a day or 2 aleve for all day relief.
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welcome back everyone new progress now to rid syria in the process of its chemical weapons. all of syria's unfilled munitions have been destroyed. experts are aiming to succeed with the goal of meeting that deadline to dismantle that program by the middle of next year. president obama instead pointing the finger listen to this. >> the challenge that i think we have going forward is not so much my personal management style or particular issues around white house organization it has to do with what i
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referred to earlier we have these big agencies some of which are out dated and not designed properly. >> joining me now allen combs and mike gallagher. i found that statement from the president interesting because first of all he says his management style. >> the fact that the president is not a micromanager he is up fixing my website. he's an it guy. you criticize him for that.
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>> you can't blame him for every glitch. as much of some of you would like it. >> we don't know what he knew there are more and more questions, that we revealed at the top of the show. >> washington is the proverbial pot meets kettle. my goodness if barack obama had been the ceo of a start-up company, sgogoogle, amazon, he would be out. >> america is not a start-up. >> a lot of people are saying that. what happened? >> it is a disaster and everybody knows it and his
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leadership has been sorely lacking. look at this latest gallop poll. what would you like to see with health care. 52% said scale back and repeal barack obama. >> america has spoken. those are not gretchen carlson's numbers. >> we must take that to the bank. >> do you not think obama care is unpopular? >> i think it is more and more popular and what conservatives are afraid of. once people get ahold of it. the majority of americans want to scale it back or repeal it today. >> i'm hoping that it gets better and it limps along and look at the latest poll about young people. >> all right but you have to
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defend it. >> i dent have to defend it i happen to believe ip it. >> what a scandal. >> but it is independenting. >> telling the truth? >> people are wondering whether he knew him the white house said he never met him and then it turns out that he actually lived with him. >> it does speak to telling the truth. it is untimely. > white house was originally asked, they researched it. they never asked the president. >> if you had a story out there that you knew or you didn't and you saw that it was in accurately being portrayed? >> his defense on this is plausible deniablity. once again it speaks to character again.
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and it makes me wonder about other political hot potatoes. >> why would he not admit that he knew him? >> he was never asked. you jump on something like this which gives you less credibility when there are other issues that matter. >> if you criticize him for every little minor thing. >> you know how to criticize each other i know that but you are still friends. >> in the meantime we are tracking a dangerous storm now moving across the country. plus, his most recent adventure propelling down a tall building this morning. bad dog you won't believe what this pooch is about to do. >> also are you planning on
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getting the man in your life eye cream? >> billions. we want to hear from you. what do you think about the booming male booming industry. tweet me or e-mail us. we'll read your comments at the end of the show. go shave. [ male announcer ] research suggests cell health plays a key role throughout our lives one a day men's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for men's health concerns as we age. with 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day men's 50+.
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several people being treated for exposure.
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this truck was stolen in mexico city. >> the protective casing, you can put it in a container and put regular explosives around it and spread it like a dirty bomb. it can kill people. they probably didn't nope what they had. they opened it up. it was a gas station they stole the truck and found the cobalt ten. here is this hospital, which is right here. they went in and said they were sick and the police have come in and surrounded the hospital, quarantined the whole area and they believe these may have been the guys who stole the truck.
11:27 am
are we sure yet? no. but mexican authorities think that may be the case. we are hoping for more information. when it happens we will bring it to you. >> in the meantime a dangerous ice storm pumeling the nation. the freezing rain and sleet is creating dangerous driving conditions and knocking out power for thousands. what a horrible week end. it has been a bad week and we have another four or five days of it. minus 35 right now is what it feels like in glasgow. minus 7. in places like omaha and we have at least tuesday or wednesday before that changes. look at these temperatures tonight. across parts of the northwest. there are a lot of crops around
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much of california and arizona that are in danger again. a new storm is moving in. this next storm transitions, around columbus and cincinnati down towards little rock. in a second storm, second ice storm for people >> wow, why don't you come over here i know you were doing something special this morning. you were repelling down the tallest building in stanford, connecticut. this is the 4th year i have been roped into doing it.
11:29 am
this year really rainy and windy. you both had time to do out. let's listen. >> hey gretchen i'm up here on the roof of the stanford with brian cashman of the yankees. that is spectacular. do you look down? >> i don't until i'm about half way down and then i can do it. at the top if you do you are ruined. every year. high five down low too. whatever >> hats off to you. >> new polls get the attention of the white house. how some of the president's core supporters get the support of the white house. fresh from the briefing room. >> i asked jay carney whether or
11:30 am
not the political base beginning to abandon him. >> we are going to pauk to our mael about what it might entail. yes. ♪ we don't worry ♪ extra extra ♪ read all about it pirin regimn to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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white house taking new polls. chief white house correspondent ed henry. problems are hurting the president with his core supporters. poll suggest iing in 2008 and 22 majority say they are opposed or disapprove of the affordable care act saying that they think the president should be removed from office. just asked jay carney from that. they do not believe he is losing his disapproval rate. >> you know in the way of our
11:35 am
efforts here. i think a poll today said that basically the persentati secent americans speaks to then trenched political debate. you have to set aside those issues and focus on delivering the benefits of the law. >> the president was at a youth summit here. get him to sign up for health care. we spoke to one of the college students who was at the event. i keep up on the news and defended the president and said i don't know what is in the act.
11:36 am
that one poll said 67% of the young are only that much familiar with it. the president did the interview with chris matthews. >> he was trying to make the point that there are big government agencies and they were designed poorly and that might be why that is hard with it problems and chris matthews pressed him on the idea, what about your personal management style. how to fix them how to deal with them. whether that is sort of brushing it off. he insisted that is not what the president is doing and he insisted he took responsibility for the website. thank you so much for running out there to give us the latest.
11:37 am
the denver post getting a lot of buzz for creating a new position. >> how would you like to be the new marijuana editor. >> what will are responsibilities as the pot editor be? >> do you smoke pot at all? >> i don't smoke it, but i do eat it though. >> time for the manel to take it to a higher level. >> comedian and tv personality. that is tvoice that you heard. so you are ready to go. this dude when he eats baked goods. >> i guess. >> that is a good job to have.
11:38 am
i mean i never saw this section in college when i went to college that i could be an editor and chief of pot. now that it is legal in colorado, so the denver post thinks so, we need to clevover . is this the right way to go? >> in 1970 the u.s. put this on the schedule one list. it is highly applicable. and that was without the legacy of be iing science. >> they are calling it cannibus. is this a bad idea. that we are going to have
11:39 am
somebody covering pot and how people are using it. i don't think so. you have new laws in the state and they are going to have the "new york times" having an article about wine. they have to hire someone to cover conservatives. i'm guessing anybody who would read the den ver poever post wi ill. >> smoking pot causes manboobs there is a town in southern holland, that has -- >> is it? >> i've never been. but it is got a weed passport. it is trying to stop tourist hot spots. >> i don't know if america is ready or not for that.
11:40 am
here is a question for the ladies out there. are you going to buy your guy personal products out there this year? men and women are spending 3.9 million dollars a year on eye cream. >> all right andy, what is your grooming routine. >> i basically roll out of bed check to see that everything is still working and say a quick prayer of thank as go on about my business. >> most people think shower shave, and deodorant. >> i like to dim the lights, get a hot bath and exfoliate. >> we didn't have a lot of options before. now we got a different plan. >> this is going to ruin the reputation of men. they are out of the house and complaining the women take so much time to get ready.
11:41 am
>> i'm all for it. i think it is brilliant. i love his whole get up routine. waxing is in humane and should be made illegal. straight men do things for women. it is because women want men to look a certain way. >> that is why this is a $3.9 million business. it used to be powdered wigs and puffy shirts. i'm comfort with face cream and product in my hair. >> i'm going to send somebody with an iphone to your homes tomorrow morning and document your grooming routine. >> i'm going to have a mud mask on. >> i'll go for you. >> you are going to colorado as well. have a great won. >> you are doing a great job around here. >> thank you so much. >> stunning new research. we are learning that where you
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the american squad landing in a tough group. and a giant alien world. the find throw iing a wrench in world formation thief theorys. >> high school athletes were 30% more likely.
11:46 am
>> thank you for having me today. >> this is a fascinating find. i think struggle with this decision about whether or not they are going to let their children play certain contact sports about conconstructiussio >> we realize we can't send our athletes to colorado and denver and play their sports. let me take you to analogy. you have a can that is filled with paint and you throw an egg in it. you put it through the shaker and the egg will be broken. the can is your helmet and the
11:47 am
paint is your brain. let's see we throw the egg back in and the shaker and shake and we take the egg out and it is safe. that is what we are finding is what happens at alltitudes. we find there are fis yol gysth brain. >> you are saying there is an airbag. there is brain slosh no matter what kind of helmet you have on. your brain is moving inside of that liquid. the element is not going to do anything. the fact that it is tighter when there is higher altitude could be the key. what do we do with that. that is a great question. we are starting to sort out are there technologies to employ to
11:48 am
invoke the mechanisms. dr. smith is looking at wood peckers and how they protect their heads and he has found that there are mechanics in their neck that they can help alter blood flow. we find that they live at high al thank ytitudes altitudes. so we are excited about exploring technologies and help that body self regulate these blood flows and can protect us as well. it is amazing research. so many people are concerned about this. we appreciate the work that you are doing.
11:49 am
thank you so much for your insights. thank you. >> kim kardashian keeping up with a new quartcontroversy. why kim's critics are crying foul and is it fair. plus a pooch caught red handed on cam. doing something that could land him in the dog house. ♪ you ain't nothing but a hound dog barking all the time ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] everyone deserves the gift of all day pain relief. this season, discover eve. all day pain relief with just two pills.
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let's see what that pooch was up to. a four-legged thief caught on cam. this husky scooted into a south carolina convene store and dashed out moments laterment looks innocent. the dog, named kato, got his
11:53 am
paws on tasty treats, pig ears, beef bone, dog food, and treats. >> my dog was shoplifting. >> we didn't know it happened. he just snuck in with the customers. >> police kept saying this is the best ever. i said, thanks a lot. >> kato did have to spend time at the pound and is now back home. it's my little pup's second birthday, happy birthday, bella. >> kim kardashian facing a controversy, setting up a charity auction on even -- even bay but a small portion of what she brings in will go to the victims. julie, what was this auction, and i think a lot of people are saying, how can only 10% of the money you raise actually help the victims? >> that's a bit of the problem. her generosity, or so-called generosity, is backfiring as we're talk about it today.
11:54 am
the charity auction was held through ebay. and she published it on her web site which reads a portion of the proceeds of my ebay auction will go directly to the communities in the philippines s and help typhoon survivors get medical care. kim did not specify what percentage of the proceed would be given. so apparently a portion meant only 10% was going relief efforts. one crisis communication experts says, quote, when you say something is for charity, the assumption is much more than 10% goes to charity. >> what has been the reaction thus far? i assume outrage. >> backlash on twitter. she has financials of followers, so a lot of fans are disappointed and calling her selfish. i reached out to kim's rep who said they have no further comment. however her rep did tell fox 41,
11:55 am
quote, nobody has to give anything, and yet kim gives 10% of everything, and now she is being judged for it. we reached out to the international medical corps about the donation. they're not talking about that. say, it's the generous support of all of our donors allow -- they need the support of these celebrities who are worth millions. tens of millions. >> also read in a report that kim gives 10%. >> always and that's the number she attaches to all her charities, 10%. so she is getting backlash but it's not any different than prior charities to be fair. >> the white house spreading holiday cheer. the national christmas tree will be lit in our nation's capitol. it will be beautiful. find out what you can expect out of this year's ceremony. that's next.
11:56 am
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good news out our nation's capital. we're awaiting the annual christmas treelighting. this is obama receiving the tree last week. the ceremony set to begin in a little while. >> the first family will be there. president obama expected to deliver remarks. >> seems everybody has always got an opinion on kim kardashian and you're know exception about the charity auction. neat a posting, wow, wrong, on so many levels. zippy tweeting, big charity does the same thing and that's just as bad, maybe worse. and bob on facebook, probably needed the 90% for makeup.
12:00 pm
ouch. can you -- thank you for sharing your thoughts. have a great weekend. see you back here on monday. now it's time for shepard smith. >> breaking news. "shepard smith reporting." >> good friday from the necessary deck where we're monitoring breaking news. officials in mexico are saying that doctors are treating people for radiation exposure, and hhre's the thinking. those people may have been connected to a truck theft that happened in mexico over the weekend. this, -- well a couple of days ago. the truck was stolen from a gas station, inside the truck, titanium 60, and that, according to the authorities, can make you sick and kill you. but it was in protective housing. the thieves took it out of the housing, and when they did, doctors said these people are in danger of dying. police have reportedly blocked access to a hospital n

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